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Commercial exchanges

Commercial exchanges

During the year 2021, the overall value of trade in all products between Algeria and the European Union reached an amount of 31.395 billion euros.

Algeria's exports to the twenty-seven Member States of the Union amounted to 18.747 billion euros and its imports from these countries were around 12.648 billion euros.

These exchanges, which include Algerian sales of hydrocarbons to the European Union, show a trade balance surplus in favor of Algeria amounting to 6.099 billion euros.

Compared to the year 2020, the total value of trade between the two parties increased by 6.535 billion euros, an increase of 26%. Algeria's exports to the Union increased by 65%, while its imports from this region fell by 6%.

Algeria's trade with the Kingdom of Belgium amounted to 1.674 billion euros, with just over 746 million euros in imports and nearly 928 million euros in exports.

With the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, they reached nearly 11 million euros, including approximately 418,000 euros in exports and nearly 10.5 million euros in imports.

(source: EUROSTAT)

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