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The investor's digital platform

The investor's digital platform

Presentation of the platform: 

The digital platform of the investor whose management is assigned to the agency, allows to offer all the necessary information in particular on the investment opportunities in Algeria, the land offer, the incentives and advantages related to the investment, as well as the related procedures.

This digital platform is interconnected to the information systems of the organizations and administrations in charge of the act of investing, allows the dematerialization of all procedures and the online completion of all formalities related to investment.

It is also an instrument of guidance, support and monitoring of investments since their registration and during the period of their operation. The terms of management of this platform are defined by regulation.

Objective of the platform:

The digital platform has the following objectives

  • To support, simplify and facilitate the process of creating companies and investments.
  • To improve communication between investors and the economic administration.
  • To guarantee a transparency of the procedures to be accomplished and the modalities of instruction and treatment of the investors' files.
  • To speed up the processing and the instruction of the files of the investors by the concerned services.
  • To allow investors to follow, at distance, the evolution of their files.
  • To optimize the public service in terms of time, performance of agents and quality of service provided.
  • To improve the internal functioning of public services and make them more available and easier to access for investors.
  • To organize the efficient collaboration between the services of the administration involved in the investment act.
  • To allow a direct and instantaneous exchange between the agents of the administrations and organizations concerned.


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