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Algerian Great South tourist destination: New visa issuance measures

Algerian Great South tourist destination: New visa issuance measures

Facilitations for the issuance of regularization visas are granted for the benefit of tourists wishing to travel, as part of trips organized through approved travel agencies, to destinations in the great South of Algeria.

These facilitations apply exclusively to destinations in the wilayas of Tamanrasset, Illizi, Tindouf, Adrar, Bechar, Adrar, Timimoune, Djanet, Bordj Badji Mokhtar, Béni Abbès, Ain Salah and Touggourt.

These new measures, adopted within the framework of the promotion of Saharan tourism in Algeria, allow groups of tourists traveling within an organized framework to benefit from the procedures for issuing visas on arrival with a validity period not exceeding thirty (30) days).

To this end, the Algerian Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts has put into service a digital platform, linking the various ministerial departments concerned, allowing approved travel agencies to submit tourist visa applications to, exclusively, southern Algeria.

After processing, these agencies send their travelers a boarding authorization containing a QR code. Payment of visa fees is also made upon arrival.

Destinations or tours organized to other wilayas of the country, other than the South, remain subject to the consular visa system in force.

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