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Chronological list of Ambassadors

Chronological list of Ambassadors

The Embassy of Algeria was opened in Brussels in 1964 with H.E.M Boualem BESSAIH as the first Head of Mission, accredited to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the C.E.E- CECA -CEEA

The list of Algerian Ambassadors in Brussels is as follows:

HE Mr. Boualem BESSAIH (1964 – 1970)
H.E.Mr. Messaoud AÎT CHALAL (1971-1979)
H.E.Mr. Idris EL DJAZAIRI (1979-1982)
HE Mr. Ferhat LOUNES (1982-1984)
H.E.Mr. Sid Ahmed GHOZALI (1984-1988)
H.E.Mr. Mohamed ABERKANE (1988-1990)
H.E.Mr. Noureddine KERROUM (1990-1992)
HE Mr. Abdelkader TAFFER (1992-1994)
H.E.Mr. Missoum SBIH (1995-1997)
H.E.Mr. Mohamed LAMARI (1997-2000)
H.E.Mr. Halim BENATTALLAH (2001-2009)
H.E.Mr. Amar BENDJAMA (2009-2013)
H.E.Mr. Amar BELANI (2014-2020)
H.E.Mr. Mohammed HANECHE (2021-2022)
H.E.Mr. Ali MOKRANI (2022-2023)

H.E. Mr. Mohamed El-Amine BENCHERIF (2023-

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